13 Things I’ve Learnt from Loves Lost

I posted this as a note on Facebook years ago. July 13, 2010 to be exact. I’ve looked it over again, and I still think it rings true. Let me know what you think!

If i had to do it all over again, i probably wouldn’t. Coz if it wasnt for the heartache before – i wouldn’t have had the joy of the loves that were to come 🙂 These are a few of the lessons i pick up amongst the pieces. Not just on love – but for work and life in general.

1) it is NOT better to be with someone who adores you if you dont feel the same way – you’ll always wonder and feel theres something missing

2) You need your heart shattered at least once in your life – then you know what you’re looking for and you know you can get through anything else life has to throw at you

3) You can fall in love more than once that same ‘butterflies in your stomach, cant eat or sleep, first thing in on your mind in the morning, last thing at night and never too far away in between” kind of intense way – hollywood and those romance novels that quote a ‘once in a lifetime love’… its not true

4) Remember, you’ve probably shattered someone as well, whether you realise it or not.

5) Your time is the most precious thing you can give someone

Never put off telling someone how much they mean to you

Never put off telling someone how much they mean to you

6) Never put off telling someone how much they mean to you even if it means making a random phone call – you never how those words can change their day..or life!… or if you’ll ever have the chance to say them again.

7) Forget over analyzing – dont analyze, full stop. Live in the moment. if something feels right… trust that your heart knows whats best for you.

8) How ever bad a situation gets, stop and remember and be grateful for all the sliver linings…there is always more than one.

9) If someone is uncomfortable with what you have to say and you feel you need to say it anyway.. its their problem not yours. And i dont mean this in a negative way, rather it has more to do with the loving yourself and treating yourself right before youre able to look after others

10) People react and that sometimes can affect and even hurt you. But for the most part, they dont mean to.They are just trying to figure out what works for them . “the world doesnt revolve around you” So dont hold it against them, deal and move on.

11) There is a bigger picture and in it, it all works out. Look back sometimes, and see the laughs and joys you’ve had. If you feel nostalgia looking back… or even pain… that’s proof that at least once, you were truly happy and odds are you will be again

12) Certain things aren’t meant to last. And if you force it, it festers, rots, decays and dies. Everything has its time and place and somethings have their time limits.

13) Savor each moment – but learn to let go.


  1. Michelle Chan

    One can learn a lot from failed relationships. You keep the good and learn from the bad experiences you went through with your exes. Most of the time, you come out wiser and stronger.

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