A Little Piece of Fiction: Falling In Love

“It is better to have Loved and Lost, than to have never have Loved at all,” – Alfred Lord Tennyson, Poet.

That’s a familiar quote that I think we’ve all come across at some point. People sometimes like to say that to you once you’ve gone through some kind of break up. Usually, right when you feel the exact opposite.

I like to write stories about moments. I try to capture the feeling, Sometimes, it’s so I can reread it in the future and reminince. Sometimes, it’s because a song moved me enough for me to turn those feelings into words on paper.

I wrote this story 3 years ago. It’s a combination of the above. I had just discovered Ed Sheeran’s song, Kiss Me. For some reason, it reminded me of a rainy day, all snug and cosy in bed with someone special. So, this came out. Have a peek, and leave me a comment. Do you rememeber that moment, when you realized you were falling in love?…


We lay here. In each others arms. Falling in love.  My lips against his neck. Breathing him in as i feel his heart beating against my chest. Listening to his breathing.

The rain patters down softly against the window. Its cold outside. But under the covers but we’re snug. In each other arms.

I take the moment in. Feel it. It feels like we are lovers in that moment. Falling in love. This could be real. But its not……

Still, my heart swells and a smile touches my lips. I pull him closer to me. He mummers a little in his sleep.

The strange thing is, we know each other so well. Instinctively. I think, perhaps, just maybe… we are meant to be. But … we fight it. The connection. The draw. Despite how right it feels when we are together.

We want to be together…. but we don’t. We fight it.

He is so broken. Not beyond repair. He’ll get there someday…. but i dont want to be the one to fix him. My heart’s been broken too many times. It’s so numb now i barely know it’s there anymore. I don’t have the strength to save him. Not him or anyone…

I know we both have walls. So high and thick. They have to be. To allow us to do this. Be together… and yet not.

But…. every so often…. there are these moments. Secret moments. Where we are real. Where we are in love. When the walls come down. And we are just us. When the kisses are real. When i feel his heart beat for me…. and mine for him…

When we are in love

Come morning though, we put those walls back up. Brick by brick. We will part ways. Smile. Joke about what a bad idea us as a couple would be. Go back to the friends we supposedly are.

But right now… i lay here. In his arms. Falling in love…..

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